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The Antigo Trovatore Hotel is situated in the so –called Area Marciana ( S. Mark Area) in the very heart of Venice, between the” Byzantine Golden Basilica”, S. Marco, and the marble renaissance S. Zaccaria church, placed at the centre of the original mosaic of islands already populated in the ninth century and destined to be called Venice, La Serenissima Repubblica, La Dominante.

To reach S. Mark Square it is necessary to go over just one bridge, either Ponte della Paglia or Ponte della Canonica, behind S. Mark Basilica.

The Antigo Trovatore Hotel has been renovated in 2009 and it is a no-smoking hotel.

There are different kind of rooms, some of them either with terrace or facing the fifteenth Century façade of the Doge’s Palace or the S. Mark Campanile ( Bell tower).


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